Software architecture and design leadership

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The day-to-day reality of running a business can be demanding and hectic. You have a vision for what your systems and processes need to do but your customers always come first. It’s hard to find time to adapt and improve in response to growth and changing needs.

Maybe your business relies on a central spreadsheet which has grown over time into an intricate single-point of failure. Maybe you’re stringing together various apps and tools with customer data duplicated or scattered in incompatible silos, leading to confusion and mistakes. Maybe you’re using software that covers 80% of your needs, but the final 20% is where things fall flat on the floor.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help you develop systems and processes that are greater than the sum of their parts and map out the most effective pathways to achieve your business goals, whether that means buying, building or partnering to get there.

For Product & Software Teams

Modern software development happens at a much faster pace with much higher expectations of design quality and technical scope than ever before. Even when you’ve established the most thoughtful and balanced iterative feedback loop, you can still be rushed off your feet, delivering to rapid-fire deadlines and making frustrating compromises.

As well as delivering successfully and keeping customers and stakeholders happy, you need to manage strategic design over the longer term, get technical debt under control, provide a secure and emotionally safe working environment, pace yourselves to avoid burnout and stress, provide time and support for learning and career development and clearly communicate what you’re doing to the rest of the organisation. That’s a lot of stuff to take on and almost nobody can do it perfectly.

Maybe you know what to do and how to do it, but need help clearing roadblocks and getting initiatives off the ground. Maybe you need guidance around mapping the bigger picture and uncovering hidden problems that affect your team’s flow. Maybe you need to stabilise and isolate a painful legacy codebase so you can push ahead with confidence in a new preferred framework. Maybe you need to outsource some risky R&D work or a reference architecture to provide a blueprint for success.

Through consulting and workshops, we can support your team to cut through complexity and achieve amazing results.

Interested in what we can do? Drop us a line at hello@tangram.co.nz.